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Breaking changes ❗

There are no breaking changes in 1.30.0.

Features ✨

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: fixed issue where dev URLs created via configure scripts do not show in the UI without a manual refresh.
  • web: fixed issue with Projector navbar occasionally displaying.
  • web: fixed issue where JetBrains 2022.1 IDE versions would not open in Projector.
  • web: fixed issue with EC2 provider workspaces hanging on build if a filesystem issue prevented mounting user volumes.
  • web: fixed issue where creating/editing an audit log results in two audit log entries.
  • web: fixed issue where changes to the Git URL in dotfiles aren’t included in the audit log.
  • web: fixed issue where air-gapped deployments wouldn’t render “Open in Coder” buttons.
  • web: fixed issue where users could create new workspaces even when there were no workspace providers configured for the organization.
  • web: fixed metrics to track connections via SSH.
  • infra: fixed scan error on metrics table caused by float being scanned as int.
  • infra: fixed issue where the built-in provider respawns when coderd restarts.
  • infra: fixed issue where the Coder front-end attempts to reconnect to a workspace even when it is offline.
  • infra: updated Coder to return a 404 error instead of a 5xx error if coderd cannot reach a workspace.
  • infra: fixed issue where air-gapped deployments were unable to update admin configuration settings.

Security updates 🔐

  • infra: fixed issue with authorization controls that allowed unauthorized editing of shells and dotfiles.
  • infra: fixed issue where site managers could change a user’s login type to built-in, even when built-in authentication is disabled in favor of OIDC login.
  • infra: added validation to URIs used in dotfiles.

Known issues 🔧

  • web: the service banner (if enabled) reappears for all users, even if they've previously dismissed it.
  • web: using the web terminal in Coder can occasionally result in the connection being reset and needing to be restarted.
  • web: the Switch workspace drop-down menu shows a workspace's status as Building even though the build process is completed.
  • web: users installing v1.24 (or later) into an air-gapped environment cannot upload their license when prompted.
  • infra: workspaces using images without curl available (e.g., ubuntu:latest) will fail to build on new Coder deployments with self-contained workspace builds enabled. The workaround is to use a base image with curl available (e.g., codercom/enterprise-base:ubuntu).
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