Breaking changes ❗

There are no breaking changes in 1.31.0.

Features ✨

  • web: moved the following features and settings from alpha/beta to general availability; these features and settings are now available by default instead of requiring users to toggle a feature flag:
    • Autostart
    • Workspace container runtime settings:
      • Cached CVMs
      • Auto-loading of the shiftfs kernel module
      • Self-contained workspace builds
      • Workspace process logging
      • TUN devices

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: fixed issue where audit logs were not written if a request context was canceled.
  • web: fixed issue with dev URL endpoint to improve the way coderd retrieves status information regarding dev URLs.
  • web: fixed issue where users cannot update user account details if the dotfiles URI is blank.
  • infra: Coder tunnel no longer exits after a single connection.
  • infra: fixed issue where a lower MTU caused connections to break.
  • infra: fixed issue where coderd attempts to connect to workspaces that have been deleted.
  • infra: added automatic reconnection if the web terminal disconnects.

Security updates 🔐

There are no security updates in 1.31.0.

Known issues 🔧

  • web: the service banner (if enabled) reappears for all users, even if they've previously dismissed it.
  • web: using the web terminal in Coder can occasionally result in the connection being reset and needing to be restarted.
  • web: the Switch workspace drop-down menu shows a workspace's status as Building even though the build process is completed.
  • web: users upgrading to v1.24 (or later) into an air-gapped environment cannot upload their license when prompted.
  • web: by default, Coder workspace builds are self-contained; as such, images that do not contain curl will result in the workspace failing to build.

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