Command Line

Command Line


Coder — A tool for provisioning self-hosted development environments with Terraform.


coder [flags]


  - Start a Coder server:

      $ coder server

  - Get started by creating a template from an example:

      $ coder templates init


config-sshAdd an SSH Host entry for your workspaces "ssh coder.workspace"
createCreate a workspace
deleteDelete a workspace
dotfilesCheckout and install a dotfiles repository from a Git URL
listList workspaces
loginAuthenticate with Coder deployment
logoutUnauthenticate your local session
pingPing a workspace
port-forwardForward ports from machine to a workspace
publickeyOutput your Coder public key used for Git operations
renameRename a workspace
reset-passwordDirectly connect to the database to reset a user's password
restartRestart a workspace
scaletestRun a scale test against the Coder API
scheduleSchedule automated start and stop times for workspaces
serverStart a Coder server
showDisplay details of a workspace's resources and agents
speedtestRun upload and download tests from your machine to a workspace
sshStart a shell into a workspace
startStart a workspace
stateManually manage Terraform state to fix broken workspaces
stopStop a workspace
templatesManage templates
tokensManage personal access tokens
updateWill update and start a given workspace if it is out of date.
usersManage users
versionShow coder version
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