The following desktop IDEs have been tested with Coder, though any IDE with SSH support should work:

SSH configuration

Before proceeding, run coder login <accessURL> if you haven't already to authenticate the CLI with the web UI and your workspaces.

To access Coder via SSH, run the following in the terminal:

coder config-ssh

Run coder config-ssh --dry-run if you'd like to see the changes that will be made before proceeding.

Confirm that you want to continue by typing yes and pressing enter. If successful, you'll see the following message:

You should now be able to ssh into your workspace.
For example, try running:

$ ssh coder.<workspaceName>

Your workspace is now accessible via ssh coder.<workspace_name> (e.g., ssh coder.myEnv if your workspace is named myEnv).

VS Code Remote

Once you've configured SSH, you can work on projects from your local copy of VS Code, connected to your Coder workspace for compute, etc.

  1. Open VS Code locally.

  2. Install the Remote - SSH extension.

  3. In VS Code's left-hand nav bar, click Remote Explorer and right-click on a workspace to connect.

JetBrains Gateway

Gateway operates in a client-server model, using an SSH connection to the remote host to install and start the server.

Setting up Gateway also involves picking a project directory, so if you have not already done so, you may wish to open a terminal on your Coder workspace and check out a copy of the project you intend to work on.

After installing Gateway on your local system, follow these steps to create a Connection and connect to your Coder workspace.

2022.1.4WorkingWindows clients are unable to connect to Linux workspace
2022.2 RCWorkingVersion >= 222.3345.108

Web IDEs (Jupyter, code-server, JetBrains Projector)

Web IDEs (code-server, JetBrains Projector, VNC, etc.) are defined in the template. See IDEs.

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