Change management

We recommend source-controlling your templates as you would other code. You can install Coder in CI/CD pipelines to push new template versions.

# Install the Coder CLI
curl -L | sh
# curl -L | sh -s -- --version=0.x

# To create API tokens, use `coder tokens create`.
# If no `--lifetime` flag is passed during creation, the default token lifetime
# will be 30 days.
# These variables are consumed by Coder
export CODER_URL=

# Template details
export CODER_TEMPLATE_NAME=kubernetes
export CODER_TEMPLATE_DIR=.coder/templates/kubernetes
export CODER_TEMPLATE_VERSION=$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)

# Push the new template version to Coder
coder templates push --yes $CODER_TEMPLATE_NAME \
    --directory $CODER_TEMPLATE_DIR \
    --name=$CODER_TEMPLATE_VERSION # Version name is optional

To cap token lifetime on creation, configure Coder server to set a shorter max token lifetime. For an example, see how we push our development image and template with GitHub actions.

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