The Templates tab features options that control the behavior of workspace templates.

Enabling workspace templates

By default, workspace templates is an opt-in feature. The Enable using Workspace Templates toggle allows you to enable or disable the creation of workspaces using predefined templates located in Git repositories.

To enable workspace templates, go to Admin > Templates and set Enable using Workspace Templates to On.

Toggle workspace templates

Template policy

Template policies are currently an alpha feature.

If you enable the use of workspace templates, a template policy allows you to control which fields users can set and which values can they can use when defining their workspaces.

Users can apply the following policies to fields:

  • read - Default. Workspaces cannot modify the field
  • write - Workspaces can overwrite the field
  • append - Workspaces can append lists (e.g., configure.start steps) or mappings to the field

The default template policy is as follows:

version: "0.2"
      policy: write
    policy: write
        policy: write
        policy: write
        policy: write
        policy: write
        policy: write
        policy: write
        policy: read
        policy: write
        policy: read
        policy: read

Underneath the policy template preview, you can either upload your policy or drag-and-drop the file onto the UI. Click Save to persist your changes.

If, at any time, you want to remove your policy and use Coder's default policy, click Reset to default.

The template policy applies to all workspaces, including custom workspaces, created and managed in Coder. If a workspace's properties conflict with the template policy, Coder will ignore the workspace's values in favor of those defined by the template policy.

Embeddable Button

The Embeddable Button section features a form you can use for generating an embeddable button. This button makes it easy for developers to use your workspace template.

To create your button:

  1. Go to Manage > Admin > Templates.
  2. Fill out the fields.

Once you've filled out the form, Coder generates a custom Markdown snippet, which you can then add to your repository's

Open In Coder Button

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