JetBrains Gateway

JetBrains Gateway

The following walkthrough details how to connect JetBrains Gateway to Coder.

Creating a new JetBrains Gateway Connection

  1. Install Gateway

  2. Configure the coder CLI

  3. Open Gateway, make sure "SSH" is selected under "Remote Development"

  4. Click "New Connection"

    Gateway Home

  5. In the resulting dialog, click the gear icon to the right of "Connection:"

    Gateway New Connection

  6. Hit the "+" button to add a new SSH connection

    Gateway Add Connection

  7. For the Host, enter coder.<workspace name>

  8. For the Port, enter 22 (this is ignored by Coder)

  9. For the Username, enter your workspace username

  10. For the Authentication Type, select "OpenSSH config and authentication agent"

  11. Make sure the checkbox for "Parse config file ~/.ssh/config" is checked.

  12. Click "Test Connection" to validate these settings.

  13. Click "OK"

    Gateway SSH Configuration

  14. Select the connection you just added

    Gateway Welcome

  15. Click "Check Connection and Continue"

    Gateway Continue

  16. Select the JetBrains IDE for your project and the project directory. SSH into your server to create a directory or check out code if you haven't already.

    Gateway Choose IDE

    Note the JetBrains IDE is remotely installed into ~/. cache/JetBrains/RemoteDev/dist

  17. Click "Download and Start IDE" to connect.

    Gateway IDE Opened

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