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Learn how to manage organizations within Coder.

Organizations are groups that tie together users, environments, and images. All of your images and environments must be assigned to a specific organization. An end-user can only access images that are assigned to the same organization they are.

The Default Organization

When you first set up Coder, you'll generate the default organization. You can then assign users and their environments to that organization.

There must always be a default organization, but you can change the one set as the default once you have two or more organizations.

Organization Roles

Like User Roles, members of an organization can be assigned different roles. There are two roles available:

Role Description
Organization Manager Grants full administrative access to the organization and the ability to manage its images,services, and members. Can view, modify, and delete environments belonging to members of the organization.
Organization Member Grants basic organization access. Can use and view images and services belonging to the organization. Can create new images assigned to the organization. Can only access environments within their organization.

Please note that roles are defined per organization. Therefore, assigning someone as an Organization Manager does not change their role in another organization.

Organization Admin Permissions

Create Read (all) Read (own) List Delete (all) Delete (own) Update (all) Update (own)
Dev URLs X
Environments X X X X X X
Images X X X X
Image Tags X X X X
Metrics X X
Org Members X X X X X
Orgs X X
Registries X X X X
Services X X X X
System Banners X
Users X X

Organization Member Permissions

Create Read (all) Read (own) List Delete (all) Delete (own) Update (all) Update (own)
Dev URLs X
Environments X X X X
Images X X
Image Tags X X
Metrics X
Org Members X
Orgs X
Registries X
Services X
System Banners X
Users X


Coder's helm chart includes namespaceWhitelist. This value takes a list of the namespaces that are in your cluster and are available to Coder. If you don't set namespaceWhitelist, the only available namespace is the one Coder has deployed to (this is also the default namespace).

If you're a site manager, you can assign a namespace to an organization; all resources for that organization now reside in that namespace. Please note that this field is not editable once set.

Organization Resources

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