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Up to 1,000 users

Reference Architecture: up to 1,000 users

The 1,000 users architecture is designed to cover a wide range of workflows. Examples of subjects that might utilize this architecture include medium-sized tech startups, educational units, or small to mid-sized enterprises.

Target load: API: up to 180 RPS

High Availability: non-essential for small deployments

Hardware recommendations

Coderd nodes

UsersNode capacityReplicasGCPAWSAzure
Up to 1,0002 vCPU, 8 GB memory1-2 / 1 coderd eachn1-standard-2t3.largeStandard_D2s_v3


  • For small deployments (ca. 100 users, 10 concurrent workspace builds), it is acceptable to deploy provisioners on coderd nodes.

Provisioner nodes

UsersNode capacityReplicasGCPAWSAzure
Up to 1,0008 vCPU, 32 GB memory2 nodes / 30 provisioners eacht2d-standard-8t3.2xlargeStandard_D8s_v3


  • An external provisioner is deployed as Kubernetes pod.

Workspace nodes

UsersNode capacityReplicasGCPAWSAzure
Up to 1,0008 vCPU, 32 GB memory64 / 16 workspaces eacht2d-standard-8t3.2xlargeStandard_D8s_v3


  • Assumed that a workspace user needs at minimum 2 GB memory to perform. We recommend against over-provisioning memory for developer workloads, as this my lead to OOMKiller invocations.
  • Maximum number of Kubernetes workspace pods per node: 256

Database nodes

UsersNode capacityReplicasStorageGCPAWSAzure
Up to 1,0002 vCPU, 8 GB memory1512 GBdb-custom-2-7680db.t3.largeStandard_D2s_v3
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